Mohn’s On Mission Quote of the Week:

Missions is the natural response to believing the Gospel.” -Cale Etter

Perfect thought after Easter Sunday!

Josh, Heidi, and Thad Mohn

One family desiring to say yes to God wherever He leads

Who are we?

We currently serve in Spokane, WA where Josh works as an avionics technician at Moody Bible Institute’s Aviation School, on loan through Proclaim Aviation Ministries. Heidi is our full time home manager and works part-time as a labor & delivery nurse.

Moody Aviation is recognized as the premier missionary pilot/mechanic training school in the United States. We are blessed to be a part of preparing future missionary aviators. Many of these aviators will eventually transition to overseas missionary organizations, where they will daily traverse some of the world’s most forbidding terrain to bring bible translators, pastors, medical aid, supplies, and sustenance—all with the love of Christ—to the ends of the earth.

We are missionaries with Proclaim Aviation on-loan to Moody Aviation. Moody Aviation’s purpose statement reads, “The Missionary Aviation Technology major exists to equip God’s servants to advance the cause of Christ in world missions through aviation technologies.  This is accomplished through personal, relational, and spiritual development integrated with technical training.” The goal of my work at Moody Aviation is to keep the aircraft instruments, radios, and electronics in the training fleet up-to-date. In aviation, the navigation equipment can be somewhat complicated to use. Any time a pilot transitions to different equipment, additional training is necessary. Our goal is to avoid additional training for the students after graduation by training them on the equipment the mission organizations will be using when they get to the mission field. My role is highly technical at this point, providing the most effective equipment for training a large percentage of future mission aviators. The big picture goal of my job is to train and equip men and women to be able to serve overseas, being a part of taking the Gospel to all nations, tribes, and tongues. I also have the opportunity to help equip the students who specialize in maintenance to install and maintain avionics systems. There is a real need for mechanics who can also work on avionics. It is very rewarding to be able to duplicate myself and help fill that need.

A Cessna Skyhawk before we started the upgraded

In the process of updating the equipment, most of the wiring is removed from the cockpit

One of the Cessna Skyhawks after the update was completed.

Missionary Aviation in Numbers


graduates from Moody Aviation in Spokane Between 2005-2018


Those graduates served with 84 different missions

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